Millsleigh Horse and Pony Learning Centre

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The Learning Centre opened its doors at the beginning of January 2018. As a fully operational breeding Stud, student places are limited to a maximum of 6 Students (paying) at any one time. Our objective is to teach up to two modules of the curriculum per year so that we can maintain our existing horse training and breeding schedules.

We normally take in 5 students to make our courses viable, the fees including:

  • Knowledge, practical education including assignments and projects
  • Accommodation if required excluding meals (charged per course)
  • Use of Stud horses and tack (saddles, bridles and equipment)
  • Our chosen text book and learning materials
  • Riding Lessons Group or One-on-One depending on level (charged per course according to number)
  • Admin and Co-ordination fees
  • Course Tutors/Presenters/Coaches of SA highest Coaching, Riding and Service Provider Levels
  • Learner Agreement and Rider Assessment

Excluded from the course fee are riding equipment and suitable equestrian clothing and examination/assessment fees and transport to and from the Course Venue (the Stud).  

All Students will develop a portfolio of evidence during the course. The purpose of the training is to train individuals to ultimately be competent stable employees. Facilitating the process of the Student to competently instruct at Equestrian Centres/Clubs from Development to Advanced Level in any chosen Discipline although the Centre is orientated more towards English Riding (Eventing), our philosophy is to provide good foundation education on the ground and riding both theoretical and practical, so the Student may choose their specialisation in the future as a competent employee.   

The training will ensure that they will ultimately ride and work with horses in the most correct manner reflecting best practice from all around the world.  

The purpose is also to ensure a correct education of the horse with the horse’s welfare being our no.1 priority. Emphasis in the training is on horse and rider safety in the workplace, handling environmental issues, managing health and nutrition with confidence and with secure knowledge to make informed decisions in sometimes traumatic environmental circumstances.  At the Stud the horses ages range from 6 months to 18 years, so the development of the horses is extremely important to us and Students will be able to observe and participate in the starting of young horses to go as far as the talent of the horses will allow.  

Knowledge and education includes a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and physics of the horse so that in future Students can advise the riders/owners of correct use and handling with confidence.

At the Centre we pride ourselves in educating young people towards stable and economical management of South Africa’s Equestrian Centres and Clubs to enable them to co-operate competently and constructively with Boards and Owners of such facilities.  

The Learning Centre is the final “Millsleigh” initiative/project grown out of a need in South Africa (particularly in the Central Region) for more equine and equestrian training centres.

I hope this gives you an idea of our education approach and structure and should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly!

With best wishes

Zena Penfold
Course Director and Owner
Millsleigh Horse and Pony Learning Centre